About us


SAGE stands for "Student Association for Global Exchange" in Tokyo Tech, Japan. In April 2009, SAGE was established with the aim of providing Tokyo Tech students with more opportunities of international exchange activities. Founders of SAGE are students who participated in the Japan-Asia Young Scientist and Engineer Study Visit (JAYSES), which is organized by Tokyo Tech International office.


We aim at improving overseas student's awareness of Tokyo Tech, and also increasing international exchanging oppurtunities for Tokyo Tech student. To contribute to the international society with raising science and technological human resources who can be active and successful worldwide, we state two policies of our activities:
* with producing oppotunities of international exchange in Tokyo Tech, we build a worldwide network between scientific and technological students.
* using the network efficiently, we make effort to accelerate cross-border activities.


This association is established under Tokyo Tech's International Affair's admission and at present we are supported by the 学生支援センター自律支援部門室. Not only voluntary activities such as organizing ASCENT program, at request of university's offices:International Cooperation Division and International Student Exchange Division of International affair, we offer campus tour for overseas visiter.

Consultant: Assoc. Prof. Junko Morita(Institute of Liberal Arts, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Adviser: Assoc. Prof. Jun Hasegawa (Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Adviser: Project Prof. Tom Hope(School of Enviroment and Society, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Adviser: Tsugihiro Shimura(Project Specialist, International Exchange Group, International Affairs Department, University of Tokyo)
Student Member: Shoma Mori (B3, Dept. of Computer Science, School of Computing, Tokyo Institute of Technology)and 26 students




is an about 10days international forum to visit companies, institutes, and universities and to discuss about technologies in the future among students of Asian countries.

Exchange Events

mainly consists of two events(eg. Tokyo Orienteering, Food Party) with international students at Tokyo tech. These events are opened to Tokyo tech students/staffs/faculties and any university students.
Past Activity

Tokyo tech campus tour

is campus tour for students and/or professors of universities/colleges/high schools located out of Japan. The tour includes laboratory/facility visit and exchange party with Tokyo tech students.


SAGE organizes other activities too. For more information, please get in touch with SAGE via contact information.